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Bottom line

"ModenaCam is a state-of-art engineered software that allows you to quickly launch a full-featured adult-oriented chat and video cam site using Flash Media Server to deliver high-definition video and audio. " - Ahmad Permessur, Editor -

Pros and cons


  • Comprehensive approach to security issues inherent to the online adult entertainment industry, including server-side validations to help protect against SQL injection and brute force attacks.
  • Free migration for purchasers after the three-month free hosting period, including FMS installation on your own servers.
  • Purchase includes two hours of developer time, one payment gateway configured, and lifetime support.
  • Open-source framework and all files (except compiled FMS authentication scripts) delivered.
  • Free trial and demo available on site.


  • Can be pricey if one needs more than the two hours of development time and/or additional payment gateways.
  • Not yet configured for mobile.

Detailed review

ModenaCam is a full-featured turnkey solution for creating an adult (or non-adult) chat and live cam website. Available in both directly purchased and leased versions, ModenaCam is a moderately priced option for developers looking to enter this market. The software was created using the open source, object-oriented web framework CodeIgniter, a PHP-based app favored by developers for its speed and lightness.

Cam-based websites, especially in the adult entertainment industry, absolutely require high-quality, stable, secure, and high-performance video and audio. ModenaCam’s latest version has improved stability significantly by virtue of rewriting their Flash components using OOP standards in Flex, while FMS load balancing helps ensure a good user experience. In addition, the application can use Memcache to decrease database load time when traffic is high (by cloning high-use tables).

Security is also a high priority in this field. ModenaCam uses PDO (PHP data object) to help protect queries from SQL injections and the presence of server-side validations for all Flash calls adds another layer of security. Additional protection against brute force attacks and XSS and Session Hijacking is included.

Installation of the software is fairly straightforward. All of the necessary source files are contained in a massive ZIP file. Detailed installation instructions are included in the separate administrator guide, with directions for setting up as either a chip-based or currency-based payment system and settings and files needed relating to the configuration of the FMS. Details are fairly complete, although novices may require a little hand-holding.

Installation requirements include PHP 5.2+, MySQL 4 or newer, an Apache or nGinx web server, and Flash Media Interactive Server 4. Two interfaces are available – a standard web-based broadcast and an Adobe FLME app, which provides HD video and audio and a more customizable interface. The Flash chat is written in Flex for increased reliability and speed, and its open-source base and editable XML settings makes for easy customization of colors, bandwidth settings, Cam2Cam and welcome messages.

ModenaCam can either be purchased directly or leased by the month. The purchase price is $1990, which includes the Flash Media Server (FMS) and web hosting (4GB space/150GB traffic per month) for a three-month period. After that, you can either move to your own hosting (ModenaCam will install, configure and test FMS on your server) or continue hosting on a monthly basis with one of three different packages ($59-$159/month depending upon traffic).

Configuration of one out of 26 listed payment gateways is included in the purchase price, along with two hours of custom changes such as colors, layout changes, sign-up fields, and the like to the basic software package. General support is available M-F from 9 am to 6 pm GMT+2. Critical bug fixes are guaranteed a 24-hour turnaround.

A hosted demo site allows account creation, video recording and broadcast while a free trial is also available, with the option of using ModenaCam’s FMS to accurately test video functionality and quality.

The software is offered in multiple languages and can easily be rebranded. The interface is quite user-friendly, with an easy signup process for users and performers. Available features include ratings/reviews, private messaging, performer tipping, a “peek” option, cam-to-cam capability, and paid video/image galleries.

Administrators can supervise sessions, chat logs are stored in the database for later oversight, and all actions by users and performers are logged in the database. Currency can also be configured in virtual coin, and performers as well as administrators can change pricing and percentages. Real-time user account details such as country and balance in account let performers maximize payments, and multi-cam broadcasting is available, along with user cam connection. A rating and review system is moderated by the admin.

Overall, ModenaCam will fit your needs if you are looking for an affordable website product designed for the live video adult entertainment market. For best results, a hosting environment at least as robust as the developers suggest is a necessity, but with that in place, buyers should find the functionality and features they require to operate smoothly and provide the high-quality product their target market expects.



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